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The Cryo Experience: Safe, effective, and exactly what you need to remove pain and feel great again.


Austin’s CryoStudio offers premiere and unique recovery therapy services for athletes and active individuals as well as aesthetic and health & wellness benefits to the general population.

As the first cryotherapy studio to open to the public in the United States, CryoStudio of Austin has been a pioneer in providing cryotherapy services to clients in central Texas since 2010.

CryoStudio services are efficient and effective. One of the first four units installed in the United States, the CryoSauna is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology.

Our mission is to provide a natural, safe, non-invasive and effective therapeutic program to clients to aid in athletic performance, general fitness, appearance, recovery and health & wellness by promoting and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

“My experience with Cryotherapy has far exceeded my expectations. I was a little skeptical on everything it promised but after 8 sessions I am a believer and you could say slightly addicted. The biggest difference is my recovery. I’ll do a workout knowing how sore I am going to be the next day but the following morning I am a little tight and fatigued maybe but NO lactic soreness. It’s crazy! I’ll think I didn’t push myself enough or go heavy enough but after a week I realized it’s definitely the Cryo treatments! Love it!”
— Jessica Stephen
“When I was testing this therapy I was completely asymptomatic and my result was feeling it was very pleasant. However, my second session followed a rigorous sprinting workout. My legs, glutes, and calves felt like lead weights and full of pain. The next day I went to CryoStudio and was absolutely overwhelmed with my results. I felt so remarkably well I literally began bounding a few minutes after treatment just to test if the immediate recovery I perceived was real… like pinching myself. I wasn’t dreaming; I really felt that good that fast.”
— Roger Borbón, Pure Life Chiropractic
“Since I have started using CryoStudio Austin, I have not only been able to recover from my training sessions faster, but I have also been able to make huge strength gains as well. Aside from performing even better, I have also experience less residual inflammation and joint pain as a result. I consider cryotherapy to be effective for athletes, as well as anyone that would like to increase metabolism and energy levels while decreasing soreness and inflammation.”
— Mark Rogers, President – Austin Simply Fit
“We both feel this is a valuable therapy tool for any endurance athlete looking for recovery and pain relief. We are so lucky to have one right here in Austin.”
— Melanie & Rommel Reyes
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